We are delighted to announce our three year commitment to support this wonderful charity.
Jane Dennison, ther CEO, sent us this information on their work. We want to support them however we can and see up close the difference they make in families lives at the very worst of times.
If you would like to add your support, please contact them at https://www.dragonflycancertrust.org

The Dragonfly Cancer Trust, provides support to young cancer patients and their families, once recovery is no longer an option, to ensure that they can make the most of the time they have left.

Our young patients and their families suffer with anxiety, emotional and financial challenges. Cancer is such a feared word and by providing opportunities to focus on making each moment matter helps relieve the many difficult barriers, which at times can fragment families. Whether families choose to care for their son or daughter at home, hospital, or hospice, we strive to provide the best memory making experiences possible through one of our memory making services.

Supporting young cancer patients with our personal memory making experiences allows them to navigatethe ripple effect of cancer as they progress through their care pathway. The provision of a cash gift that can be used to provide a wide range of activities or items to make life easier, a glass heart or one of our other services can help towards providing relief from some of the effects that their cancer diagnosis has caused.

When families take the brave decision to care for their loved ones at home, we work alongside other health care and cancer professionals, to make this exceedingly difficult time the best experience possible for all those involved.

When a young patient hears that they will be able to do or achieve something they have always wanted to during their short life, it introduces a noticeable sense of calm for all the family. The things we facilitate gives families a chance to relax, regroup and forget for a short time what lies ahead.

Patients and their siblings feel vulnerable and being able to create lasting memories will help with this, making each moment matter. The impact of our work on the patients and their loved ones is invaluable in enabling them to make lasting memories, provide cherished keepsakes and provide much needed distraction at a very difficult time.