All children deserve the right to play. Sadly for many children with disabilities this is not something they get to experience.

After an incident in 2007 where my adopted daughter was excluded from a mainstream soft play provision, I began my quest. Millie was just 5 years old then, she is Deaf, has ADHD and Crohn’s Disease. I searched for a suitable place for her to enjoy fun and friendship but found nothing. I was not deterred and began the long journey to creating a disabled children’s centre: a place where disabled children could relax, be themselves, socialise and make friends, eliminating the isolation often felt by parents, a safe place for the whole family.

A very determined person, I succeeded firstly setting up the charity Pathways 4 All, then subsequently The Tim Lamb Children’s Centre. A vibrant centre, now a lifeline to over 800 families. Here parents get the opportunities to meet others in the same situations and siblings have their own group. We offer respite sessions, play schemes and even family short breaks in our offsite caravans.

However nobody could have prepared me for the sheer volume of work involved; the financial implications; the business knowledge needed. I had been doing it all as well as being Mum to 5 adult children and 5 adopted children, all with disabilities.

In 2013 I met the three wonderful directors of Kans and Kandy. Since this time I have been overwhelmed by their generosity to our charity. They have supported us financially, offered guidance on business matters, given us the contacts to make things happen. Since our amazing friendship has been formed, I have found the support from Ian, Pete and Jed invaluable. I will never be able to thank them enough for their continued support. Through their donations, we gave our building heating in 2013, we purchased two caravans which families enjoy short breaks at, and last year we were delighted to open The David Marley Extension, which gave our centre a beautiful new café where families can eat together. It was an honour to name this after Ian’s Father who sadly had recently passed away.

There really are no words to say how eternally grateful I am to The Kans and Kandy Charitable Trust. I am blessed and honoured to have our lifelong friends. The charity is a lifeline to so many families; Ian, Pete and Jed are my lifeline!

Lynn McManus
Charity Founder and (Volunteer) CEO

“We are a small charity doing big things. The centre really is a lifeline to many families, and we got to the point where people couldn’t find a seat. The extension has given a bright new look to our centre but more importantly means so many more families can benefit from what we offer.”

Lynn McManus, CEO
“The first time I came here I almost cried as it was the first time since my son’s diagnosis of autism where I felt truly welcome and relaxed. As a family it is one of the few places that we can enjoy together as my oldest son loves it too. Fantastic facilities and dedicated volunteers.”

“It’s such a relief to go to a place where there is no judgement and everyone understands.”


“A fantastic place where Eve can truly be herself without fear of being judged and I can relax and chat to other parents. Eve and I have made a lot of friends here and it’s by far her favourite place to visit!”


“Visited The Tim Lamb Centre for the first time today, and I was absolutely overwhelmed with what it had to offer! For the first time in 8 years we’ve found somewhere to go as a family that caters for both of our children’s needs, where we could actually relax too. Only one thing I would change, wish it was closer to where we live.”


“We had so much fun today. Always reluctant to take my younger brother places with his nieces aged 1&2 because he’s expected by others to act in a certain way. They all played together so lovely and he wasn’t looked at or told off for being himself. We can’t wait to come back!!”


“Simply Amazing! We volunteered here and had the best day I know this place makes such a difference to so many people’s lives. Absolute admiration to all the staff and volunteers”

Volunteer, BT

“My little boy was 1 when we started going to Little Lambs, he had an untreatable genetic condition and I remember feeling so alone and isolated at other toddler groups as he wasn’t mobile and was very poorly! The Tim Lamb Centre gave us somewhere to go where I didn’t feel like people were staring or whispering about us, it gave me a chance to meet other mums in a similar situation and also allowed my son to interact! We didn’t fit many visits but I cannot thank them enough for just being there when we needed them the most!”


“It’s a brilliant sanctuary for my son. Staff are great and caring.”


“Life saver! We love Pathways 4 All and my son enjoys the centre so much. It’s a safe caring environment with plenty of room to move around and people to talk too.”